Wednesday, October 7, 2015

You Design It, We Make It!

          There was  a tagline to a famous old Burger King ad that said, "Have It Your Way".  At the time, the burger chain wanted to set themselves apart from the competition with  the freedom of choice that they gave to their customers (as implied in the tagline).  
          Even in the world of fast-food, companies understand that no one-size fits all.  Moreover, each individual has his/her own particular tastes.  This doesn't just go for food, but for just about everything - and especially awards.  That is why we, at Loria Awards, not only provide an extensive selection of stock-designed wood plaques, acrylics and crystal (just to name a few materials).  But we also offer you the option to use your own creativity to fulfill the creative aspirations which call for something "extraordinary".
          The chemical composite of "polymethyl methacrylate" (a.k.a "acrylics") has been used to craft some of the most dramatic and impressive designs in the awards industry, and at a price that is becoming more and more "undramatic" - but nonetheless impressive.  
          So, for those occasions that call for "the unique", Loria Awards offers you the option of "complete customization" in the area of acrylic awards.  In other words, you can fashion your own "one-of-a-kind" acrylic award at an affordable price, with the assurance that you and your project will receive the attentive service that it deserves. 
          At Loria, no effort is too great for our staff to help you go from 'concept to creation'  - at a price that often pales in comparison to quality of the finished product.  Please take a moment to view the enclosed pictures of some of the actual custom acrylic awards we have had the privilege of producing, as well as some that are "in the works" (click on each picture to enlarge).
          Also, please visit our website today and see our selection stock-designed acrylic awards, as well as the variety of all the awards of recognition that we offer.
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