Friday, December 22, 2017

Winter Sports Mean "Winter Awards"

       It's getting cold from the northeast to the northwest and many points in between, because winter is here both in climate and on calendar!  Frozen lakes are becoming either makeshift hockey-rinks or figure skating showcases, the lights of Friday night are gleaming on thousands of high-school football fields, and skiers are rejoicing as they make their plans to scale and slide down the nearest peaks.
There are also the indoor winter sports that traditionally take place this time of year like basketball, as well as the "fan sports" like fantasy football and fantasy basketball.
       Suffice it to say that winter sports have wound up, and for those in competition in those sports (as well as those who do it just for fun) have the need to recognize those who are excelling in those sports - whether it's a league championship or an annual family gathering.  Let's also not forget the "ugly sweater" competitions taking place at homes and offices across the nation this holiday season!
       It doesn't have to be a national championship to merit some sort of recognition for those near and dear to you.  It can simply be for those who give their very best effort in whatever pursuit they've taken on this winter.
       Whatever the "sporting" case may be, we have the award for you here at Loria in Yonkers, New York!  Either online or in our spacious showroom display, we have the trophy, the plaque, the medal or the "whatever else" in awards for your winter-time competitions!
     Check us out at (or on our Facebook page), and have a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous New Year!