Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Your One Stop For Fantasy Football Trophies!

       In many states, this time of year, there's a little chill the evening air.  That's generally the atmospheric signal season is back!  That means, of course, that fantasy football season is back too!  Rejoice, all of you 'armchair' quarterbacks, coaches, general managers and commissioners!  
       As tens of thousands of fantasy footballers nationwide vie for top honors in each of their respective leagues, we all know that there's 'the prize' at the end of the season.  Loria Awards, the fourth generation, family-owned business in Yonkers, New York - with well over five decades of experience in the trophy and awards industry - has the prize you're looking for!  
       With in-house engraving capabilities that make it possible to customize your fantasy football trophy with your league's logo and other graphics of your choice, let Loria make your top honors trophy 'top-knotch'.  With a wide variety of designs - from the prestigious looking Lombardi-esque to the tongue-in-cheek "armchair quarterback", we are sure to have the appropriate prize for your taste and budget.  Loria is also 'the company for all seasons' as we provide a variety of fantasy sports trophies for baseball and basketball as well!        
       Please take a look at our website for the full array of fantasy sports trophies.
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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Commemorative Lapel Pins: A Loria Specialty For More Than 25 Years!

Commemorative lapel pins - we love to wear them.  U.S. politicians love to wear the U.S. flag pin.  Awareness activists have a ribbon pin for every kind of 'awareness'.  Organizations celebrating a milestone anniversary commemorate their occasion with a custom-designed pin for each member.  Social clubs, schools, fraternities, sororities, hospitals, churches, benevolence associations, charities - and all points in between - find the most convenient way of communicating their cause in a dignified, yet fashionable way.  
       For more than twenty-five years, Loria Awards has been producing such classic forms of commemoration, guiding each customer through the entire process - from concept to design to final production - and all at a reasonable price to fit every budget.  
Our in-house "know-how" makes it easy for our customers to receive this kind of service, the service they deserve in making a classic design for a special occasion into a satisfying reality.  Please take a moment to visit our website today or visit our showroom in person, to see samples of the many designs we've had the privilege of producing for our customers.
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Over 25 Years of Custom Medals (and counting)

Whaddya want?  A medal?
       At Loria Awards, that question has been answered with a resounding "YES" for more than twenty-five years! Since we introduced one of the most "made-to-order" forms of recognition, we have gained a reputation for being the full-service stop for your custom medals needs.  
       There is something altogether special about a 'one-of-a-kind', custom-made medal for those extra-special occasions that require it.  Maybe it's the well-known tradition of the Olympics that forged (pun intended) the image of the medal as the iconic form of individual recognition.  
       Whatever the reason may be, Loria has facilitated the concepts, designs, service and skill required to produce the always unique "custom medal".  Everything from high-relief, "sculpture-like" portraits to polished, color-filled designs, Loria has taken our customers' ideas and made them into 2D (and 3D) realities.  
       Not limited only to the medium of the custom 'medal', we also offer the custom-made medallions, coins and commemorative lapel-pins.  Please take a moment to browse our website to see just some of the actual jobs that we have produced over the years, or visit our showroom.
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Saturday, September 12, 2015

'Word of Mouth': The Predecessor of 'Going Viral'

By Roger V. Loria, Jr.

"Word of mouth" is a very interesting thing.  It can either spell "f-a-m-e" or "r-u-i-n" (depending on who's mouth is talking and who's ears are hearing).  Of course, a good word about someone is much better for a person's reputation.  The same goes for business.  No matter what we're selling, every business is in the business of service.  When a customer is served well, it makes a personal impact - and it's a personal impact that goes far beyond the doors of a store or the screen of a website.  
       The word that a customer spreads is far more persuasive to another potential customer than the most far-reaching of advertising media - and usually the most trustworthy.  It's unfiltered and beyond the control of marketing experts, copywriters and television producers.  In fact, it is often used by the aforementioned marketing experts, copywriters and television producers to compel a potential customer to become an actual customer. 
       Traditionally, the "word of mouth" form of building a reputation didn't occur like a wildfire, especially when we began our business over 100 years ago.  But over the decades, it gathered, accumulated, gained momentum and, has become the testimony of countless customers (i.e. 'my friend told me about this place, so here I am...').
       However, in this online age of "going viral" (the internet version of "word of mouth"), which can either spell "f-a-m-e" or "r-u-i-n" as well (only much, much faster), it is all the more integral to a company's success to be utterly consistent in the area of serving a customer well.  A family-owned business, such as ours, usually has an advantage in this - usually knowing this concept early on, in the very upbringing of the succeeding generation.  But in order to survive and thrive, every business must observe the axiom that has become our philosophy here at Loria Awards
       “Be the best at what you do, treat every customer with honesty, courtesy and respect, and offer the highest quality products at the fairest prices.” 


By Roger V. Loria, Jr.
       Welcome to the official newsletter of Loria Awards!  Yes, we know it's really a "blog" (technically speaking).  But when you consider that our company (now in its fourth generation) was established in 1912, it makes things very difficult to stray from more 'organic' terms - like "newsletter".  What's our point?  We're a family business that has been in the awards & engraving business for more than 50 years, as well as in the pool-table/game-room business for more than 100 years!  We were here before the digital age and all things "cyber-minded".  We have adapted to the digital age, using its conveniences as best we know how, but our attitude toward customer service and customer satisfaction is anything but "virtual".  We know that we serve a clientele who wants something special every time and finding that special something isn't always resolved with the click of a mouse or a swipe of a finger.  That's why we have always made personal customer service the hallmark of our business since its founding.  
       Please visit our websites today for a complete look at our current product & service line:
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