Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Over 25 Years of Custom Medals (and counting)

Whaddya want?  A medal?
       At Loria Awards, that question has been answered with a resounding "YES" for more than twenty-five years! Since we introduced one of the most "made-to-order" forms of recognition, we have gained a reputation for being the full-service stop for your custom medals needs.  
       There is something altogether special about a 'one-of-a-kind', custom-made medal for those extra-special occasions that require it.  Maybe it's the well-known tradition of the Olympics that forged (pun intended) the image of the medal as the iconic form of individual recognition.  
       Whatever the reason may be, Loria has facilitated the concepts, designs, service and skill required to produce the always unique "custom medal".  Everything from high-relief, "sculpture-like" portraits to polished, color-filled designs, Loria has taken our customers' ideas and made them into 2D (and 3D) realities.  
       Not limited only to the medium of the custom 'medal', we also offer the custom-made medallions, coins and commemorative lapel-pins.  Please take a moment to browse our website to see just some of the actual jobs that we have produced over the years, or visit our showroom.
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