Friday, September 30, 2016

Artistic Expression in Recognition

Detail of St. John in
"The Crucifixion" statue.
They say that art is great for art’s sake and, as an artist, that’s just fine by me.  But what does that mean?  Perhaps the answer is relative at best.  So, in a “relative” nutshell, it means that art must have “meaning”.  In the human psyche, there is the natural urge to find meaning in anything, even in that which is intentionally created to defy meaning.  
But in the world of recognition, awards must have meaning - no exceptions.  It’s also been an unwritten rule that an award of recognition must be earned through a significant accomplishment.  Therefore, the work that is put into the accomplishment (to merit the "recognition"), essentially defines the “meaning” of the award.            
So if awards are to be earned through an individual’s exceptional efforts, we, at Loria Awards, believe that there should be an attractive element to them as well.  That’s where the “art” comes in.  Philosophical analysis aside, Loria Awards continues to bridge the ever-narrowing gap between “art” and “award” in its latest collection of stock sculptures.

Offering these artistic creations as “awards” makes the "meaningfulness" uniquely special to each individual to which it is presented.  Targeting the customer who wishes to honor the achiever (of both the professional and amateur ilk), these new award series are offered as breathtaking, Renaissance-styled sculptures and full-color, abstract patterns embedded in spherical and ovular shaped glass - all complete with engravable bases (even some that illuminate the glass items!)
Detail of the "Hippocrates"
statue, including the text from 
the "The Hippocratic Oath".
Statue of "Hippocrates",
the father of modern
Western medicine.
Loria's new series of bronze-finish sculpture awards are examples of top-flight artisanship - containing remarkable, realistic detail, while reflecting a striking visual impact to the viewer.  
Our new series of "Art Glass" pieces offers exciting designs in bright, brilliant colors - embedded within solid-glass shapes that are a wonderful visual compliment any room decor.
We offer these new series of "artistic expression in recognition" with the belief that an award doesn't have to just look like a "trophy".  It should have a timelessly enduring visual impact as well.  Such an impact makes those earned awards a visually enjoyable decorative element in any living room or office, instead of being limited to the traditional "trophy case". 
With retail pricing starting at $38.25, the prices are infinitely lower than any Van Gogh auction price.  More importantly, these beautiful new awards will offer the recipient a priceless sense of recognition.  Please visit our website for the full selection of these exciting new “art award” offerings from Loria Awards.
-By Roger V. Loria, Jr.