Monday, October 30, 2017

Innovative Designs & Expanded Selection of the Classic Cup!

       You may have heard of "loving cups", but this classic trophy cup design has been taken to new levels of design and appearance in the 21st century.  "Variations on a classic" remind us why something is a classic in the first place.  At Loria, we have expanded our line of "loving cups" and we offer many variations on that classic.
       Just so you know, the term "loving cup" (which is the term currently applied to any traditional gold trophy cup) was originally the cup shared by a newly married couple, most notably in French and Scottish antiquity - hence the term "loving cup".  That explains why it seems a bit awkward to apply it to the winner's trophy of a competition - especially if that competition was fiercely fought.  But the name stuck and that's why it's still here. 

       However, if we look at the ancient root of the word itself, we may be even more surprised, if not altogether shocked.  The etymological root of the word trophy is the Greek word "trophe", which literally means "food, nourishment" (reference: Dictionary. com). This explains where we get the clinical terms like "hypertrophy" for medicine (meaning "fast nourishment") and "dystrophy" for malnourishing - such as in muscular dystrophy (which means the languishing or malnourishment of muscles).  But given some thought , we can see it ultimately makes sense and gives us at Loria a sense that we doing more than just selling award products (at least in a philosophical sense). 

       It also, and perhaps more familiarly, came to be associated with "the spoils of war" in ancient Greece.  The warring city-states in ancient Greece often fought each other and that which the victors sought upon winning the war were treasures of the defeated enemy - what pirates called "booty" and what the leaders of the armies called the "spoils of war".  In modern-day sports, this connotation still appropriately holds as the term used for that which a victor receives after winning a fiercely fought competition.

       At Loria, we've recently  expanded our line of "spoils of war" or "nourishment" (a.k.a. "loving cups").  We did this not only to show a veritable variety of shapes and sizes, but also to show new, aesthetically pleasing designs that don't necessarily look like the typical "cup".  Pictured in this post are some of the newest and most innovative designs in trophy cups, as well as various classic designs.  To view the complete line for every taste and budget, please check out our website or visit our showroom today!
~ Roger Loria, Jr.