Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Your One Stop For Fantasy Football Trophies!

       In many states, this time of year, there's a little chill the evening air.  That's generally the atmospheric signal season is back!  That means, of course, that fantasy football season is back too!  Rejoice, all of you 'armchair' quarterbacks, coaches, general managers and commissioners!  
       As tens of thousands of fantasy footballers nationwide vie for top honors in each of their respective leagues, we all know that there's 'the prize' at the end of the season.  Loria Awards, the fourth generation, family-owned business in Yonkers, New York - with well over five decades of experience in the trophy and awards industry - has the prize you're looking for!  
       With in-house engraving capabilities that make it possible to customize your fantasy football trophy with your league's logo and other graphics of your choice, let Loria make your top honors trophy 'top-knotch'.  With a wide variety of designs - from the prestigious looking Lombardi-esque to the tongue-in-cheek "armchair quarterback", we are sure to have the appropriate prize for your taste and budget.  Loria is also 'the company for all seasons' as we provide a variety of fantasy sports trophies for baseball and basketball as well!        
       Please take a look at our website for the full array of fantasy sports trophies.
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