Monday, January 15, 2018

"Great Selection": Many Companies Say It - We're Among Those Who Do It!

       I'm just taking a moment here to let the world know that our awards selection is veritably excellent!  It's a simple as that.  Yes, I'm bragging here a little bit.  But what the heck?  I was straightening out our showroom collection of floor samples today and putting things back in 'tip-top' order and I noticed that we have so many variations on each sport, theme and subject that we offer.
       Besides our online presence, we are 'old-school' with keeping our 'brick & mortar' selection attractive and full of options for every budget and occasion.  I was marveling at the fact that, even though it may have been a lot to straighten out, it was least "a lot" - a lot from which to choose and that not only keeps our new customers satisfied.  It also keeps our return customers satisfied as well (of which there are many) - and if anything is our 'highest priority', that would be it!
       So, visit us today in our conveniently located showroom in Yonkers, New York for literally, the best selection of awards in any awards showroom or - check us out online!  Either way, it's our mission to satisfy each and every customer with the best selection at the fairest prices!

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