Thursday, July 12, 2018

Summertime, A Time for Vacation AND Recognition!

Summertime is a time for vacations, but it's also a time for recognition.  Whether you spend your vacation time at home or take a change of setting, it can be a fun time of recognition that will compliment very special memories for years to come.  A more "relaxed" form of recognition usually predominates this time of year (as it should be), but there are many opportunities for recognition while we take the time to re-charge the batteries.  There is still occasion to "recognize" those we with whom spend our precious summertime moments.  
               Though we still have to work, we hopefully still have some portions of time to commemorate those very special occasions.  Whether it's a friendly competition of recreation during a family reunion, an organized league of summertime sports (like softball, baseball or swimming), special summer camp events, or simply for a "job well done" (for whatever that "job" may be), there are moments worth beholding with some form of recognition.
               That's where we, at Loria, come in.  In our safe & secure, e-commerce website, you can easily browse and order whatever fulfills that form of recognition.  With hundreds of items from which to choose, we make it as easy as possible to make those expressions of recognition happen.  Just in case your "perfect" award defies categorization and is not found on our website, please e-mail us  at, or call us at 1-800-540-2927, for some "special-order" options.  In any case, we pride ourselves on providing the right award for the right occasion, for whatever budget works for you, and for whatever season it happens to be.

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